Members and Privileges

The library is primarily intended for use by faculty, students, administrative Staff of the BCIPS. Each member is provided with a library membership card. The categories of members and their privileges are as follows:




 Entitlement for Books

 Loan Duration



 120 days



 07 days

 Administrative Staff


 30 days

Condition of loan: -

  1. Library membership card is non-transferable
  2. Before leaving the counter a member shall ensure that the book, taken on loan in good condition. It must be ascertained by his/her that all the pages are intact. In the event of missing pages she /he must get signature of the official on duty on the preceding pages. At the time of return, the official will similarly check pages, if up to 20 pages are found missing the member will have to replace the missing pages, and if necessary get the book rebound at his/her cost. If book is damaged she/he should bring the matter to be the notice of the official on duty if she/he fails to do so she/he will be held responsible for the damage.
  3. Periodicals publication, dictionaries, important and valuable books and any other books classified, as reference books shall not be lent out.
  4. A book, which is on loan, may be reserved for borrowing by other members on   filling-up a reservation slip at the circulation counter.
  5. All books on loan shall be returned with in the due date stamped on the label.
  6. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any books from any member at any time.
  7. Absence and illness are not acceptable excuses for exemption from paying an overdue charge
  8. Mutilations, markings or removal of pages will be considered as "damage". Such documents, as also the lost ones, will have to be replaced or paid for at the current price. In case of rare and out-of-print books, price assessment made by the Librarian will be final and binding.



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